Health and Welfare

Illness in School

Children who become unwell in school are cared for by the staff until they recover, or can be taken home by parents.


Parents are asked to ensure that the school has up to date information, which will help speed contact if there should be an emergency or illness. Names and telephone numbers are vitally necessary, together with the name of the person to be contacted. It is important that the contact person is known to the child and within easy access of the school.

A secondary contact in case of an emergency is also required.

Change of Address

Any change of address and/or telephone number should be notified in writing to the School Secretary as soon as the family has moved into a new house or changed their home phone number. Also changes of parental work telephone numbers, should be made available to the school and kept updated.

Clinic and Dental Appointments

A child can be released for hospital or clinic appointments during the course of the day only when a written explanation is received in advance. The parents should come to the school office to collect the child. Children may not leave school alone during school hours.