Homework is given to the children on a progressive basis so that by the age of 11, they are completing a reasonable amount of work each week that will prepare them to meet the demands of High School.


  • Parental involvement and link between home and school
  • Supporting class work
  • Teaching independence and study skills
  • To encourage self discipline
  • Preparation for secondary school


Year 3 & 4: 2 pieces of work a week

Year 5: 3 pieces of work a week plus spelling, tables and number bonds

Year 6: Daily

It is important that the learning of spellings, tables and number bonds forms part of children's homework on a daily basis. Spellings for the half term are sent home on each year group's forecast sheet and can also be found on the MLE website. Unfinished class work may also be sent home if necessary at the teacher's discretion. Extra homework as revision will also be sent home for Year 6 before the SATs.


Year 3 & 4: Average of 20 - 30 minutes (week days)

Year 5 & 6: Average of 30 - 45 minutes (week days). Homework given at the weekend may be of a longer duration.

These times are only approximate and based on a child working in a concentrated manner in a quiet environment.

If a child is consistently taking a lot longer than these suggested times or having difficulties with any aspect of the homework please contact the class teacher or attach a note to the homework.


In exceptional circumstances, homework will be set for any child who has prolonged absence from school while recovering from an illness, on the understanding that it is monitored and marked by the parent.

Children Who Go On Holiday In Term Time

It is always unfortunate when children miss school, but sometimes this can be unavoidable. It is up to the parents to decide if the children will do any work whilst on holiday. Here are some suggestions:

  • borrow a school reading or library book
  • go over and consolidate any recent tables or spellings
  • keep a diary or scrapbook of the holiday with writing and pictures
  • talk with the children to explain about new things to be seen and discovered, and collect items of interest.
  • We look forward to sharing the results of your holiday activities, but please do not ask teachers to mark any work you have set.