Music plays an active and important part in the life of the school. The music curriculum offers pupils the chance to explore and enjoy music at appropriate levels in a variety of ways, including ICT. Singing is at the centre of the curriculum. It enhances their musical skills, develops their aural awareness and their ability to apply their knowledge and understanding in their compositions. Project work includes music from different cultures and times, including the use of musical instruments.

All children have a musical role in the school mass and assemblies. A school choir, made up of children from years 3-6, has a special role during Christmas and concerts throughout the year. The choir is also open to parents to join in the fun of singing.

Several peripatetic teachers provide extra-curricular lessons in guitar, violin, cello, piano, trumpet, trombone and djembe for children and parents to learn together.

There is a charge for these lessons and parents who wish their child to learn a musical instrument should place their names on a waiting list at the school office.

As of September 2012, the school is starting a school community orchestra consisting of children, parents and staff.