Art and Design


Children at St Mary's experience a range of art activities and encounter the work of a range of artists. They enjoy working alone, in groups and as a class on a curriculum, which includes drawing, colour, textiles, collage, three dimensional work, printmaking and painting.

Each child has a sketchbook which informs their work and provides a record of how ideas have developed and many lessons take place in the school studio which is timetabled for music and art lessons.

Our termly Creativity days allow the children to work on shorter art activities unconnected to the class curriculum. Previous themes have been Artists Around the World, Artists from Many Cultures and the Olympics.

Children work in groups of mixed year groups giving Y3 the opportunity to work alongside their Y6 buddies, extending the skills of all pupils including those with a talent for art. By the final day, all pupils have completed all the activities and can’t wait to begin again the next year with a new theme!