Mathematics is a vital component of the curriculum, providing a way of viewing and making sense of the world. We aim for every pupil to become confidently numerate and to develop mathematical skills and understanding for life. Mathematics is a core subject and is delivered as a daily lesson of 60 minutes.

Throughout the school the pupils are taught in two sets, Holly and Ivy. Pupils in Ivy group receive additional support within the group from LSAs.
The lessons are split into three sections. A ten minute mental/oral warm up to practice and hone skills. This is followed by the main section of thirty to forty minutes where pupils learn new skills and concepts and methods of calculating. The lesson finishes with a five or ten minute plenary, where problems that have arisen are shared and solved, homework may be set and children are invited to share their thinking.
Pupils learn through a variety of stimuli including games, ICT programmes, text books, investigations and worksheets. Appropriate apparatus and equipment is available in all year groups.
Through the Numeracy lessons, children are encouraged to investigate, discuss their ideas, work cooperatively, use ICT and relate their maths work to other areas of the curriculum where appropriate.