We love books at St Mary’s and enjoy studying them in the daily literacy hour. We use whole books to understand how texts work and to help pupils with their own writing.

Through sharing books as a class and in regular Guided Reading groups, the children get to know the characters, settings and how authors engage readers, and this helps them to develop their own writing across the curriculum. It ensures we are aware of children’s strengths in reading and where they need support. A range of books is provided for children to take home and read alone or with their families and all pupils have a school reading diary in which to record these.

We regularly use films, pictures by artists, drama and the lovely grounds of our school to help in the writing process. Each class has Writing Time once a week, when children write using a genre they are learning about in literacy. Writing Time lasts for about 45 minutes. Often this links to work in other subjects. Teachers give pupils targets to meet, which helps ensure progress for all our children.
In addition to reading and writing, we investigate and learn spellings, including phonics, punctuation and sentence work.