Access to St. Mary's

The entrances to the school are:

  • Through the gates in Shorts Road
  • Through the gate by St. Joseph's Cottage
  • Through the gate in Pound Street
  • All gates apart from Shorts Road are locked between 9.30am and 3pm.



It is not permitted for parents to drive into the school grounds at the beginning and end of the school day.

St Mary's car park is for staff only. Please do not park in the car park or St Philomena's car park or grounds.

Parents can only drive down to the school when they are picking up a sick child, have appointments, or have been given special permission. (Parents should not drive down to the school for after school clubs.). use of the disabled parking bay must be arranged in advance by calling the school office.

We encourage parents and children where possible to walk to school. If you bring a car we ask you to park safely and respect our neighbours by not parking across driveways.

Please remember NO SMOKING and NO DOGS are allowed within the grounds. Also no bicycles or scooters are to be ridden in the playground. Travelling to school by bike or scooter is encouraged and they can be parked in designated bike and scooter storage.